Most frequent questions and answers

Jetgainfx has been a private investment and asset management project since 2018.

Jetgainfx pays out a minimum 85% of the generated revenue to its members. That means we take a maximum 20% (often less) of the profits as we assess the risks and rewards of new projects. because we strive for a long term relationship with our participants

We are transparent,, we do what we preach and we dedicate ourselves fully to this project. We have already shown that we are creative and willing to expand the project aquiring sideprojects and even cryptocurrencies and exchanges to strenghten the network and leverage our projects together for more stable and even higher yields. In time you will see, we came to stay.

Since this is a crypto project, we prefer to accept deposits in Bitcoin and Usdt


You can access all your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by going to your dashboard.


Withdrawals can be initiated from the secure member area. 

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