Terms & Conditions

jetgainfx consists of an international team of experts in project management and financial markets, associated with a highly trained staff in the educational arena with the purpose of helping people from all over the world to be successful with the most advanced technology and professionals oriented towards the achievement of their goals. 

These jetgainfx terms, policies and conditions (hereafter, the “Terms Policies and Conditions”) are effective and binding upon Users of jetgainfx International, which, together with its affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, successors, and assigns, are collectively referred to from this point forward as “jetgainfx”. jetgainfx has its address at Strada Dr.Ioan Suciu 7 bis, 310177, RM. A User’s activities on and after the effective date must be in accord with these Policies and Procedures, These Policies and Procedures and the jetgainfx Invest Reward Plan combine to form a contract (hereafter, the “Contract”), legally binding upon each User and jetgainfx. By accepting these Terms, Policies and Conditions in the online enrollment process, a User certifies that they are 18 years of age or older and competent to enter a contract. 

A User elects to enter this Contract with jetgainfx with confidence in integrity and jetgainfx expressed intention of dealing fairly with its Users. jetgainfx enters this Contract with the awareness that its success depends upon responsible, efficient, vigorous, and successful Users who conduct their businesses free of false, slanderous, deceptive, or misleading advertising, marketing, pricing, and service practices. jetgainfx enters this Contract with confidence in the Users’ integrity, ability, duties, obligations, and responsibilities. 

The Contract governs the way a User conducts business with jetgainfx, other Users, and customers. The User agrees to abide by the online Contract, as currently published and as may be amended from time-to-time at the sole discretion of Jetgainfx. Any interpretation, clarification, exclusion, or exception to this Contract, in order to be effective, must be in writing and signed by an authorized officer of jetgainfx. Where the text of the Contract permits, the singular use of a word includes the plural and vice-versa. In addition, one gender includes any gender. 

All monetary amounts in United States Dollars (USD) are only for reference or a representation unless specifically indicated otherwise. jetgainfx only receives and transacts in cryptocurrencies, and does not work or receive any fiat currency or have affiliation with any bank or Government. In the event of conflict between the United States English language version of the Contract and any translated or foreign language version of the Contract, the Spanish language version shall control. If a Member has questions concerning the Contract, they should consult with their legal counsel.

NOTE: You’re eligible to withdraw your profits only when your trading session is completed. You can’t access your profits till your trading session is complete. Immediately after your trading session is complete then you’re eligible to withdraw your profits. If you have anymore enquires to make please contact your broker.

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